3 Strength And Conditioning Coaches For Your Fitness


Today we will list 3 coaches in a bundle that will help with your fitness potential for coaching and training athletes

1) Certified sports nutrition coach (NASM-CSNC)

This coach will help transform your training and reach optimum performance in 5 sections of the course that including:

* State of the art digital learning platform
* Chapter quizzes
* 1 practice exam
* Final exam

2) Corrective exercise specialization (CES) - self-study

If you have balance, posture, and body coordination issues then you need this coach because it will give a comprehensive exercise program and prevent injuries.

* Comes in 4 chapters of 18 sections
* Includes training videos, exercise techniques, and cueing video
* Using the latest and up to date science and additional training program
* Online practice and CES exam

3) Performance enhancement specialization - premium self-study

Combination of flexibility and content to increase your earning power.

* Comes in 4 sections of 16 chapter
* Includes lecture videos, application videos, exercise libraries, and online textbook
* 2 practice exams and online PES exam

If you are looking for strength and conditioning coaches for your fitness then visit NASM. For more info and price please click the link below. Hurry up and get it before the slots get filled up.

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